Different Stripes

DifferentStripes1My cover artist, Maria Connors, has produced a splendid 3D cover for the compilation of my first three novels in the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series. 

The ebook is on pre-order at Amazon, Apples, Barnes and Nobel, Kobo for release on May 28. The pre-order price is $4.99 USD but I’ll bump that up when it goes live, so get in early and save money. PRE-ORDER IT HERE

The paperback version is available in a single volume from Amazon right now for $26.99 USD.

What do apples, Irishmen, and disappearing landmarks have in common? Laugh as these mysteries unravel in this funny mystery series. The Tasmanian Tiger is a constant character throughout this series — or is it, seeing as it’s supposed to be extinct. More tangible are some of the human characters who complete the 30-year series journey, including the most obnoxious man in town, Wish-Wash, Oodles and Moose.


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