Going up … advice for misery guts

From July 1, Australian shoppers will be forced to buy from amazon.com.au rather than from Amazon stores overseas.

I’ve seen some misery guts decrying this online but as an Australian author, I just see opportunity in that digital publishing space.

person holding amazon kindle ebook
Photo by özgür uzun on Pexels.com

Statistics tell us digital publishing is very immature in Australia compared with the United States and Britain. That just tells me there is plenty of growth to be had, and I really want to position myself to be near the head of that queue.

I much prefer to imagine myself as being at the bottom of a staircase heading up towards the light than being on the top and gulping because I’m about to desend into the dark, cold cellar.

As indy authors, we’ve never had it better, Amazon.com gives us disovery and promotional tools the Australian store doesn’t feature, like AMS ads, author pages and series groupings. But I predict those will come. I base this prediction on history. Amazon tests stuff in in one market, then rolls it out in the next. Amazon likes to make money. And if you’re doing well, they’re doing well.

I’ve heard people decry they’ll lose their print-on-demand sales. Noooo. The overseas paperbacks will continue to sell. And guess what? Something’s happening on that front on amazon.com.au. They just haven’t told us what. But study the changes on their website and draw your own conclusions.

Finally, I set up my profile at the Australian Authors website yesterday. The site feature the books of Australian authors and at first glance looks very functional and attractive.

My guess is it’s got to the head of the opportunity queue too.

I can’t see why Aussie authors wouldn’t want a presence there. Check it out, Tell me if I’ve stuffed up something on my profile page.


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