Blokes go into quarantine

We’ve laughed our way through Blokes on a Plane and Blokes in Donegal.

Now brace yourself for Blokes in the House, a series of short stories which will trace the new lives of my three elderly characters from the funny Windy Mountain series.

That’s right. Oodles, 85, Wish-Wash, 83, and The Mayor, 82, are thrown together again because they have to self-isolate in a house after their tumultuous trip to Ireland.

I’ve just published the first short story. It’s free on most platforms. Amazon makes it possible to make eBooks permafree but there are some hoops to jump through, so at this stage it’s 99 cents USD. Sorry.

The first short story is just a shade over 4000 words.

I have the storyline of Blokes in the House 2 in my head and we’ll just have to see how it goes from there. My aim is to find humour in their predicament. Nothing grim!

I’m sure you understand why I’ve suspended writing on the novel I was writing. I was finding it hard to concentrate on it anyway. Can we start this year again?


How are you all doing? Adjusting smoothly to the new normal, I hope.

Apologies. I know I promised a few funny columns. But my time has gone into writing this first short story and setting up the things I needed to do to ensure the series will continue. Like the covers. As I said before, my cover artist is knee-deep in real Covid-19 work — so the covers you see are D.I.Y. versions courtesy of Canva.

The good news is I intend weighing in with a column tomorrow. More D.I.Y.

I’ll also give you some links tomorrow of some BookFunnel promos where you’ll find cheap or free books.

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