Long way to go

How’s everyone doing in these challenging times? 

Restrictions are being eased slightly here in my part of Australia but we still have a long way to go.

I feel sorry for my three elderly characters — Oodles, 85, Wish-Wash, 83, and The Mayor, 82 — who are self-isolating together in a house in Tasmania. They still have five weeks of lockdown and eight more episodes left.

I’ve just published the fourth of a planned 12 serials.

In this one, the old men get fitness trackers and Wish-Wash discovers someone who had big hair in the 1980s.

The good news for some of you is these serials are free on Kobo, Apple, B&N and Google Play. The bad news is they probably aren’t on Kindle/Amazon.

 Kobo, Apple, B&N and Google Play make it easy for me to set ebooks free, Amazon insists on 0.99 cents being the low point. It will price-match to zero but it makes me jump through some hoops to do that, and even then my experience has been it applies this inconsistently. So sorry.

The good news is when I wind up this series, I will staple them  all together so it becomes the fifth book in the Windy Mountain series. I’ll put a price on that, but it will work out cheaper for Amazon readers.

GET #4

The first book in my Windy Mountain series, Lie of the Tiger, is one of the many free ebooks you can grab over at Book Funnel until May 28.

Check the May-jor May Mayhem giveaway out

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