99c (USD) sale

How’s this for value? I’m participating in a 99c USD bundle book sale at BookFunnel for the next few weeks.

My offering is Funny Capers DownUnder — three books for 99c.

But if you think that’s good value, check out some of the other offerings. Some authors are crazier than me — they selling way more books in their bundles.


Funny Capers DownUnder

When a lawyer takes flight from the mob, he finds sanctuary on a island that holds secrets.

When two gangsters visit barrister William Clarin, they think he’s called The Magician because he can make charges go away.
But the truth is he’s only got that nickname because his hobby involves making rabbits vanish!
When things go from bad to worse, he has to leg it, and everything that can go wrong, does go wrong, usually in the most humorous way.
He finds himself out-gunned, out-muscled and out-ranked on the high seas. He really has to pull something special out of his hat this time in this slapstick comedy from Australia.

When a strange helicopter starts buzzing the shearing shed where he is housing 12 illegal immigrants, Major Jeremy Billycock-Smythe jumps to conclusions.
Nothing new about that for this misogynistic, racist and clueless Englishman!
If Major B.S. didn’t jump to wrong conclusions, he would never have accidentally brought the illegal immigrants into the country in the first place.
We all know someone like Major B.S.. He’s a social climber, he’s supremely confident and he’d rather be off making money than baby-sitting the illegal aliens.
But the government just doesn’t let you forget. If you asked Major BS, they really ought to be paying any attention to his suspicious neighbour, damn it!
See the major get his comeuppance while the man he bullies and belittles emerges as the real hero of the novel.

What starts out as a relaxing day for a father-to-be ends badly when he is chased into the bay by an angry mob.
Ralph has to get home for the birth of his daughter in this dark comedy.
When he is rescued by a trawler, it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be a problem — but when the captain refuses to turn around because he is headed for open sea on an extended fishing trip, his anxiety rises.
His mental health doesn’t improve when he ends up on an island ruled by a gun-toting old man.

Back to reality

I’ve published books five and six in my Blokes in the House series.

The serials are my contribution to the lockdown. The three oldest characters from my Windy Mountain series — Oodles, 85, Wish-Wash, 83, and The Mayor, 82 —have gone into self-isolation in a house together, resulting in bickering with humour.

In the latest instalment, the new postman offers a solution to The Mayor’s scary problem.

These serials are free on Kobo, B&N, Apple and Google Play. You might have to pay 99cents each on Amazon. That’s really out of my hands, sorry.

Click the links to go there:

Blokes in the House 1

Blokes in the House 2

Blokes in the House 3

Blokes in the House 4

Blokes in the House 5

Blokes in the House 6


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