The hitman cometh

The unlikely postman delivers a potential solution to The Mayor in the latest serial of Blokes in the House.

Yes, I know I blogged about this yesterday — but now I can offer you some links that didn’t work for me then. They’ll take you straight to each book.

Blokes in the House 1

Blokes in the House 2

Blokes in the House 3

Blokes in the House 4

Blokes in the House 5

Blokes in the House 6

I’ve now published books five and six in the series. It’s getting into the realms of black humour.

The serials are my contribution to the lockdown. The three oldest characters from my Windy Mountain series — Oodles, 85, Wish-Wash, 83, and The Mayor, 82 —have gone into self-isolation in a house together. They don’t all get on.

These serials are free on Kobo, B&N, Apple and Google Play. You might have to pay 99cents each on Amazon. That’s really out of my hands, sorry.

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