The hitmen cometh again ūüė≥

I just published the 11th instalment of Blokes in the House, my comedic series about three elderly men who are forced into lockdown together.

WHY DO OODLES and James have to hide together in the wardrobe?

Are the angry hitmen really encircling the house?

The old men are nearing the end of their three months of self-isolation in Windy Mountain.

But the questions keep on coming in this dark comedy series.

You can get it free if you’re on Kobo, Apples, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.

Alas, Amazon makes in harder for me to make eBooks free. But it’s as cheap as I can make it ‚ÄstUSD 0.99. I get 35c from that!


Coming soon: the whole novel

If you’ve missed the serials, don’t fret. I’m compiling it into a novel, which should come out in October. I plan to write the last instalment next week and my cover artist is already working on a cover, which people on the list will get to¬†see first and be able to comment on. The bones of the story will remain the same, but it’ll be getting some cosmetic surgery. This one won’t be free but it’s going to cost you a lot less than the hitmen are demanding!

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