Beginning of the end

I have released the 12th and final instalment of Blokes in the House.

AFTER THREE MONTHS of self-isolation, the three old men are getting out.
But a policeman waits at the gate for James.
And there are lots of spectators to see the former mayor break down in this dark comedy.

It’s listed as free on Kobo, Apple, Google Play, B&N, and USD 0.99c on Amazon (their rules, not mine). I’ll bump it up to 0.99c on all platforms when I publish it as a novel, probably late October/early November.


The new works begins

I’ve merged all 12 instalments into a Scrivener file to massage it into a novel, which willl become #5 in in Windy Mountain series.

The bones of the story will remain the same but I’ll be rewriting bits, and editing it heavily.

Maria Connors is already working on new cover art, which I will reveal here when I get it.

The old men in younger days

You can also pick up the prequel to that series, Who Knew Tasmanian tigers Eat Apples!, FREE until the end of September 2020 in this BookFunnel promotion. Find out what Oodles, Wish-Wash and the mayor were like in earlier days.

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