The getting of wisdom

Wish-Wash has a change of reading material in the upcoming novel Blokes in the House.

Readers of my previous Windy Mountain novels would know he is a sci-fi fan.

But he has treaded in his collection for (nearly) a full set of encyclopaedias, which he expects to read through during his three months of self-isolation from the pandemic.

If any of you followed the 12 instalments I started releasing in April, be assured that the main storyline isn’t changing. I hope to publish the novel mid November.

But as I cobble the parts together, I’m tightening the edit, trying to make it flow better, and adding some new passages in an attempt to strengthen the existing story.

Hence, Oodles’s Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is becoming worse, I have a new peripheral character named Oppy, who meets an unfortunate end, and Wish-Wash’s reading regime has changed — which will have a pay-off later in the story.


(James sees his shared bedroom for the first time)

James picked up the volume on the top of the stack and flicked through it. The spine told him it was everything to do with the letters Q-R-S.

“I thought you only read sci-fi books?” James said, as he perused the book.

The problem was I had read them all,” Wish-Wash said.

James looked up sharply. “You can’t have read them all! Sci-fi is about the future, man. They’re still being written!

Pffft. What do modern sci-fi writers know about the future? Give me Jules Verne any day.” Wish-Wash patted the next book on the stack, making it wobble. “The problem is he’s not writing any new books, so I traded in my sci-fi collection for these babies.”

James flicked to the front of the book. “Babies? I don’t think so.” He prodded the page with an index finger. “It says here that this set of encyclopedias was printed in 1963. That makes it middle-aged.

“What’s that got to do with the price of eggs?” Wish-Wash caressessed the top book again, causing the tower to quiver some more. “Knowledge doesn’t change.”

“I think you’ll find it does,” James said. “You’ve gone from one extreme to the other: the nonsense of the future to the irrelevance of the past.” He snapped the book shut. “When this set of books was printed, Britain still ruled the globe. I bet the world map in this thing is coloured with lots of pink.”

Ah, that’s where you’re wrong,” Wish-Wash said. “ If you bothered to look, smartarse, you’ll see I don’t have the letter M. I didn’t get the volume with all the maps.

James frowned. “The set isn’t even complete then?

“So? Books go astray.” Wish-Wash smirked. “I held back one of my Jules Vernes in retaliation.” He pointed to the wardrobe. “I hid it in the dark where they’ll never find it.”

 James returned his book carefully to the top of the pile. “Oh, very droll, Bert. Can’t you see you’ve been had? Google is the new font of all knowledge.”

Wish-Wash banged a hand on the top book, making the tower lean some more. “You’re just jealous, Jimbo, I’ll be spending the next three months enriching my mind. You’ll be amazed what I’m going to find in these books.”

  • Don’t pay too much heed of the cover. That’s just a placeholder. I hope to have a professional cover soon.
  • When my cover artist delivers it, I’ll put the novel on preorder for USD $2.99, which will be a USD $1 saving on the full price.

2 thoughts on “The getting of wisdom

  1. Ooh thanks for the sneak peek & giggles. Think the cover, placeholder that it is, could work. Just need a few faces peering out the door?

    Cheers, Lana



    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Lana. I took my basic cover as far as I could via Canva with my rudimentary skills. I have great faith. in Maria Connors, who does all my covers, to come up with something way better! When I get her first draft I’ll show it on the blog and invite feedback in case it can be improved.


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