Nobody told the three old men that hitmen and Tasmanian Tigers were going into lockdown with them!

My work is done – almost. I’ve published Blokes in the House and polished it as well as I can. 

WHAT COULD possibly go wrong when the three oldest men in town are asked to share a house together for three months to keep them safe from the pandemic?
Who knew 2020 could be so funny!
Eighty-two-year-old James Northan, the former mayor, isn’t on speaking terms with Wish-Wash, 83, and Oodles, 85, and he doesn’t even believe the pandemic is actually happening.
But while he resigns himself to a future of face masks, hand-sanitiser and a life of much less luxury than he is used to in the company of two buffoons he didn’t even want to see again, he gets some very unpleasant surprises.
Strap yourself in for a story that follows the new lives of the three old men from the funny Windy Mountain series.
We’ve laughed through novels Blokes on a Plane and Blokes in Donegal, now they’re going nowhere fast.


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