Windy Mountain #6

I can’t say it is born. That probably won’t happen until November.

But the next book in my funny Tasmanian series has certainly been conceived in my mind.

I’ve even given it a name. Trouble at the Wind Tunnel Cafe.

(I do reserve the right to change the title, OK?)

The three old men in the series will be central to the plot again.

But I’ve decided on two new viewpoint characters, and the story will unfold through their eyes.

One is Wendy, the bottle-blonde who runs the cafe.

The other is the new police sergeant, who hasn’t been seen in town since the series prequel Who Knew Tasmanian Tigers Eat Apples! Only then, he was on the other side of an obscure law.

I’m putting the last touches on the final novel in my Funny Capers DownUnder series. I now hope to publish it on May 15 (life has got in the way, hence the delay).

I was going to write a black comedy next. The Life and Deaths of Billy Gumboots.

But what can I say? Trouble at the Wind Tunnel Cafe has fought its way to the head of the queue.

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