Welcome to my place

Clear away the lunch dishes, there is work to be done. I’m a former newspaper journalist who is now free to be frivolous and mobile.  When I’m on the road, I’m forced to set up my writing aparatus wherever I can. Home is Canberra but I started life and work in Tasmania. My main focus now is publishing digitally with Amazon, Apple, Kobo and other platforms. 

I passed the first milestone of the year on April Fools Day. I published the fourth book in my Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series. It’s called Whitey and the Six Dwarfs.

I’m now working on repackaging the three books in my Mad Bill series. They will have new titles and new covers, courtesy of my cover designer, Maria Connors,  who worked with me in newspapers back in the day!

I am also working on a short story collection with six other funny writers from the US and Europe. All the stories will be spinoffs from our respective books, and we’re aiming for a July launch. My story will be about a ghost who has a cameo in Who Knew Tasmanian Tigers Eat Apples!

Towards the end of the year I will write another novel. Whether it is the fifth in my Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series or the fourth and probably final one in my Mad Bill series, time will tell. I have ideas for both books.

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