The Wrong Magician

(Funny Capers DownUnder 1)

It’s 1974 in Hobart, which has become home to Australia’s first legal casino — and the reason why gangsters from Chicago have come to Tasmania.
This is bad news for lawyer William Clarin, who flees the island state moonlighting as a magician on an ocean liner named The Bounty XIII.
What he doesn’t know is some of his adversaries are on the ship, too.
The legend of Mad Bill begins.

This novella was previously published as Scrutiny on the Bounty, but it’s had an overhaul!


Email me if you want a review copy. My hope is to get some reviews up at Amazon/Kobo/Apple/B&N/Goodreads on July 1 when the novel launches. If you miss the deadline or simply can’t bring yourself to review it, don’t worry. I promise not to send Liugi and Benny around to break your legs!