Hair despair

Has anyone thought what we’re going to look like when eventually we emerge from our houses?

I think it’s quite possible I will come out looking like Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I can handle the prospect of long straggly hair and a seriously bald forehead.

It’s the expectation I’ll be able to lead the street in The Time Warp that really has me worried.

I have to say I’ve lost track of the rules on haircuts in Australia. Last I heard they are still happening, unlike the case in some other countries. The rules are changing daily so it wouldn’t surprise me if they are outlawed soon. How could anyone think social-distancing can be maintained in hair salons? Are hairdressers using two-yard-long scissors now?

Haircuts are not an essential service in my book.

When I was a youth, I could go months and months without a haircut, which is why my father called me a long-haired lout.

Admittedly, I’ve now settled into short back and sides, with a serious eyebrow chop, every six weeks or so.

But I can do without it, I really can. Long hair and bushy eyebrows are in my future.

Brace for bigger shocks.

That pretty blonde up the street might turn out to be a grey-haired old lady!

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