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Two old men decide some secret doggy business is the only way to save an Irishman who takes charge of a rundown museum.
The bewildered Irishman discovers the former manager departed in a coffin and he’s probably on borrowed time too. Certainly, he’s not meant to turn things around.
The old men, well into their 80s, have a vested interest in saving the museum because it is keeping alive the legend of the Tasmanian Tiger.
They decide to break an obscure law, a plan that upsets the former mayor. But who cares? He was the person who came up with the stupid legislation years ago.

If you enjoy this novel, six more books await in the funny Windy Mountain series and three more are on the drawing board.

  • “Great characters. Great fun. Two old men befriend a stranger in their very small town. Silliness and adventure ensue. You’ll enjoy it.”
  • “A breath of fresh air. True it has the element of unlikable criminals and detestable schemes, but overall this book had me laughing at the most inexplicable times. Very nice.”
  • “Hilarious blend of characters and lies in a small town in Tasmania. Quaint and quirky, the reader will enjoy the never-ending twists and turns of the town’s unusual inhabitants. Lots of fun!”
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