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Funny, quirky and heartwarming . . . two old men go from being unlikely tourists to becoming unlikely sleuths in this frivolous mystery.

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Blokes on a Plane revolves around the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger museum.
Octogenarians Oodles and Wish-Wash are booked to go to Ireland to retrace family history.

But when The Mayor disappears, someone starts stealing important landmarks in Windy Mountain and the Tasmanian Tiger starts being elusive once again, they have to reassess their priorities.
Will they solve the crimes in time to catch their plane

Blokes on a Plane is the second standalone in the Windy Mountain Tasmanian Tiger series. You’ll enjoy it if you like finding a quirky character behind every corner and if you like twists you don’t see coming.



  • IT IS A understatement to say that nothing is as it seems. Another raucous story from John Martin.
  • THE two old codgers’ hilarious banter keeps the story moving at a funny pace.
  • BLOKES ON A PLANE reads like a comedy sketch. It’s quirky, heartwarming and funny.


Santa says he has had enough in this collection of 16 funny flash fiction stories, which is for subscribers only. Other stories in the collection include Living Next Door to RembrandtWe Want our Tasmanian Tigers Back, and Romeo and Julie.

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