Journey to the centre of my brain

I’m not sure to be flattered or alarmed I might have raised someone’s expectations.

According to my Amazon author page in the US, people who bought my books have also bought books by visionary French sci-fi writer Jules Verne.

Born in the early 19th century, Verne’s imagination was far ahead of the game when it came to things like submarines, helicopters, space travel and even video conferencing.

Conversely, I can’t think of one thing of the future I have imagined in my whimsical novels.

Jules Verne does get a mention in one of my books, Lie of the Tiger, so perhaps a search brought a reader to it.

But he or she would have been disappointed because Verne only gets a scant mention. His novels occupy a whole bookshelf of sci-fi books in the Tasmanian Tiger museum.

One of my elderly characters, Wish-Wash, is a big fan. “They don’t write them like that any more.”

By the way, William Shakespeare gets a mention in the re-edited second book of that series, Blokes on a Plane, but if someone is expecting me to have written the novel in iambic pentameter, I predict more disappointment.

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